McDonald's have announced that the McRib is finally making its long-awaited return

McDonald's have announced that the McRib is finally making its long-awaited return

Every time I head to McDonald's, I order my meal and chow down, knowing all too well that I'm eating my second choice. No matter how much I'm aware of this and regardless of how much I'm enjoying my chosen meal, I know that there's another out there which I'd rather be having.

Like working at a job you hate or dating someone on the rebound, while you're with that Big Mac or Filet O'Fish in a physical sense, mentally and emotionally, you're far away. Beef, chicken or fish are all good, but what I really want - nay, need - is pork; specifically, a McRib from McDonald's.

Unfortunately, not unlike that special someone who's never around as much as we'd like them to be, the McRib drifts in and out of our lives as it pleases. Despite being around since the year 1981, we've never had a settled period of McRib so that we can get properly used to it - admittedly, that's probably a part of the McRib's charm.

Here today, gone tomorrow; on menus in certain places but not in others; we're always on the verge of giving up hope, but the McRib manages to bring us back every time. We're broken and depressed with each discontinuation, yet, with each announcement, we come back as if we'd never been here before, ready to get hurt again.

Just hearing descriptions of the McRib is giving me shivers of anticipation:

"[It's] made with 100% seasoned boneless pork, McDonald's signature McRib sauce — a sweet, tangy, barbecue-style sauce — and served with dill pickles and mild, fresh slivered onions on a toasted hoagie-style bun."

For those of you with a habit of tenderly whispering "I can't quit you" to what (to onlookers) is a BBQ pork sandwich underneath the Golden Arches, I've got some pretty good news. The McRib is returning to McDonald's, as it tends to do without any rhyme or reason, but the update on that front is pretty promising, this time.

Earlier this week, McDonald's announced that they were preparing millions of McDonald's lovers across the United States for eventual heartbreak by returning the enigmatic burgers to the McMenu, this time spreading the love across 9,000 locations in America.

People were excited.

But that's not all the good news, folks - that last tweet hinted at another development that's happening in conjunction with this McRelease. You might be aware that you can now get McDonald's delivered right to your door, but the latest version of McDonald's technology includes a McRib locator - so you can hunt down your McRib ahead of time.

It's about time, too - we were getting sick of wasting so much time tracking down that glorious sandwich that it would detract from our eventual enjoyment of the sandwich. We can expect to see the McRib back on the menu this coming Monday (October 29), so I'd get my tastebuds ready if I were you.

Get in there quick - you never know how long you have before you're abandoned again.