McDonald's have announced that 2019 is the year of the Bacon Big Mac

McDonald's have announced that 2019 is the year of the Bacon Big Mac

As we clink glasses and cheer as December definitively turns into January and a lot of calendars suddenly become obsolete, a lot of people think about how they want the next 12 months of their life to go, and the vast majority want to improve things in some way.

Write that screenplay, start that business, convince some gullible sap that you're worthy of not only respect, but even love - these are all noble, lofty goals that you'll inevitably give up on after a couple of crushing setbacks. The most common goal by far, however, is the idea of losing weight and getting in shape.

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Having a healthy body is important, and society as a whole is so afraid of the obese that we'll invest hundreds of dollars to delay our descent into doughiness. Going to the gym or giving up dairy are both great goals, in theory, but for me, I like pizza and sitting on the sofa too much to keep them out of my life.

So instead, I've dedicated 2019 to eating as many delicious burgers as I can. While Arby's is doing its level best to help me on my way, my one and only love in this respect (and many others) is McDonald's. Even better, this year, they've made one of my favourite meals somehow even more enticing.

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Let's be honest, guys. There's one burger underneath the Golden Arches that stands above the rest. The McChicken, the Big Tasty, the wildcard Egg McMuffin are all awesome. The Filet O'Fish is a left-field favourite of mine. But really, is there any burger as good, and as well known, as the Big Mac?

Two patties, three buns, lettuce and that delicious Big Mac sauce; the Big Mac is perfection, and I won't have you say anything to the contrary. But I have to ask the question I usually ask myself when I look in the mirror: can you really improve on perfection?

And much like when I look in the mirror, the answer is a resounding yes. Say hello, folks, to the Bacon Big Mac.

Bacon Big Mac Credit: McDonald's

Just drink it in, for a second. Everything you'd ever loved and wanted in a burger, but with bacon too. When this kind of thing exists, why even bother eating anything else? Well, there's also the Quarter Pounder, which is getting its own bacon option too, not to mention Cheesy Bacon Fries.

Be still, my beating heart.

People love bacon, and they love our iconic Big Mac, fresh beef Quarter Pounder burgers and world famous Fries, so we had to see what would happen if we combined all that tastiness,” said Chef Michael Haracz (McDonald’s Manager of Culinary Innovation), demonstrating that inserting three strips of applewood-smoked bacon was a complete no-brainer. You'll be able to enjoy that no-brainer soon.

"As a bacon enthusiast myself, I’m proud to say that we’ve done right by bacon fans and I can’t wait for our customers to try these Classics with delicious, thick cut Applewood smoked bacon for themselves."

But here's the catch, folks. Good things come to those who wait, and if you're able to wait until January 30, you'll be able to sample the undoubtedly good thing that is the Bacon Big Mac. In the meantime, you could always try a regular Big Mac or something, but for me, now I know there's the option of bacon, things just won't be the same.