M&M's are coming out with a 'Hazelnut Spread' flavor which is pretty much bitesize Nutella

M&M's are coming out with a 'Hazelnut Spread' flavor which is pretty much bitesize Nutella

I don't want to get carried away here or sound like I'm exaggerating, but Nutella is life, and I would literally die for it should I ever have to. Forget slices of toast or fancy cakes; I wanna grab a tub of the stuff, and eat it all day, every day. Spoon optional, of course. But as much as Nutella is the gift that keeps on giving, it's not terribly portable, is it?

I mean, the tub is fairly easy to carry around, but it's decidedly more difficult to carry around Nutella, and then attempt to integrate into society - shaking hands with business associates, caressing potential romantic partners on a date - with a thick, sticky brown substance on your hands and face.

Nutella Credit: Getty

By the time you protest "It's just chocolate!", whoever it is you were trying to impress has moved very far away from you, just in case, and you end up looking mighty silly. Take it from me - there has to be a way to consume Nutella on the go, a way that doesn't make you look entirely insane.

I don't know if M&M's have had the same idea or if they've been monitoring my phone calls, but they've come up with a way to introduce Nutella on the go. Now, this isn't officially Ferrero-brand Nutella, but once you're popping M&M's Hazelnut Spread flavour into your mouth, you're not going to be complaining one bit.

"The industry is changing and consumer tastes are evolving. We’re continuing to recognize and anticipate demand," explained Allison Miazga-Bedrick, senior brand director for M&M's. "We’re thrilled to deliver this new flavor with color and fun, in a way that only M&M’s can."

But that's not the only news we've got for you today, chocolate lovers. M&M's are great in little bitesize form, but if you're looking for something a little more substantial, then we've got you covered on that front. Alongside their usual offering, M&M's will also be available in chocolate bar form!

With five flavours to choose from - peanut, milk chocolate, crispy, almond and crispy mint flavours - these bars all have tiny little M&M Minis embedded inside of them, which makes for a deliciously diverse chocolate snack. That's alongside a further three flavours released this month - English Toffee Peanut, Mexican Jalapeño Peanut and Thai Coconut Peanut.

But once the excitement has died down, I've got a little bit of a dampener for you. Yes, you can enjoy Hazelnut Spread from M&M's, and although it's not official Nutella, it's pretty cool nonetheless. But put your tongues back in your mouths, folks: we might not be seeing this new flavour until April 2018.

That's depressing, right? But at least, you can enjoy the various chocolate bars and new flavours, which'll be out a little bit sooner, in December of this year. Yeah, after a bit of a weird year, 2018 is at least looking like it's going to finish strongly.