Model who has had three 'butt lifts' wants more surgery to get the world's biggest butt

Model who has had three 'butt lifts' wants more surgery to get the world's biggest butt

Despite the strides towards a more open society we have supposedly made, cosmetic surgery is still considered taboo by a lot of people. Nose jobs are seen as shallow, breast enhancements always end up being described as "fake", and very few people will ever admit to any kind of botox for fear of being judged.

Brazilian butt lifts, however, are a whole different story.

As well as coming with a healthy portion of judgement, butt lifts are actually pretty dangerous, and several people have died this year as a result of undergoing the procedure. Still, that hasn't put some people off of seeking out the operation, and, in fact, the surgery has only become more popular in recent years.

Natasha Crown, a 25-year-old model, is just one of many who has had a butt lift - three of them, in fact - and she just can't seem to quit.

natasha crown butt Credit: Instagram/@natasha_crown_official___

"I think bigger is better," she said recently on an episode of Botched. "I will never ever be slim again. My bum is like a different dimension."

Crown has made it her mission to get the biggest behind in the world, and undertook drastic measures in order to accomplish her latest surgery. In order to gain enough weight (3st 2lb) to have it redistributed to her derriere, the model survived on a diet of fatty foods such as Nutella and pizza for months.

Now, following the procedure, she has 4,500ccs - the equivalent of five litres - of fat in each buttock.

"I have broken chairs with my butt, I have broken beds, I have broken people.

"I have always been different and in Sweden women think slimmer is more beautiful. But I think people need to see this is how real women should look."

natasha crown Credit: Instagram/@natasha_crown_official___

Crown has already had three butt lifts, but she doesn't want to stop until she has a record-breaking booty.

"After my first surgery, I was so happy. Six months later I told [the surgeon] he did a great job but I wanted to have more and he was like 'OK'," she said.

"We planned the second surgery. I knew the more fat I had, the bigger I was going to be. So I decided to gain a lot of weight. I love to eat, I gained 20kgs (3st 2lbs) and then I did the second surgery."

But that isn't the only cosmetic procedure she's embarked on during her career as a model.

"Over the last four years I have had three Brazilian butt lifts, one breast augmentation and then I've done some fillers in my chin, lips and my cheekbones," she said.

natasha crown Credit: Instagram/@natasha_crown_official___

"That's not surgery, it just completed my look. People came to me and said 'are you a plus size model?' So I thought 'OK I'll do that'.

"Right now I work out three to four times-a-week. Everyone wants to be size 0 and I'm size 50."

Crown's butt is currently 80 inches in diameter, according to her Instagram page. She is still working on making it even bigger, despite pleas from her family to stop