Mom creates Christmas trees from black mannequins to show the beauty of dark skin

Mom creates Christmas trees from black mannequins to show the beauty of dark skin

A woman from Delaware has been getting into the festive spirit in a unique way this year, by repurposing black mannequins and turning them into stylish Christmas trees.

Eileen Pearsall, who hails from Bear, Delaware, has been inspiring others with her creative inventions. Eileen,  (who uses the handle @pearbond on social media) has uploaded a number of pics of her creations to Instagram, after she used a mannequin in place of a regular tree last year.

Eileen, who works as a money-laundering investigator, was diagnosed with cancer back in December 2018. She's is now cancer-free, but has pledged to celebrate her own life, and is now making money from her unconventional hobby. The trees can take up to three or four hours to repurpose, and Eileen has gotten a lot of attention online.

Commenting on her trees in an interview with the tabloid newspaper The Metro, Eileen stated: "Over here in the US, #blackgirlsrock was just starting to grow on social media. So, last year I wanted to inspire our African American girls. I wanted to show the beauty of the deep melanin skin."

Eileen continued: "I had also just finished breast cancer treatment and was feeling so blessed. My ultimate goal was to inspire everyone; especially my Angel tree. I was really just feeling the blessing of being cancer-free this year ... They’re not too expensive to make,’ she said. ‘I have done regular trees for friends and have a couple of buyers."

Check out this mouthwatering recipe for a chocolate-hazelnut Christmas tree tower: 

This story just goes to show you that you don't have to be traditional and conformists when it comes to festive decorations. Sometimes something new is best. If you'd like to keep up with Eileen's projects, then why not follow her on Instagram for more great mannequin pics?