Mom goes on morning school run, only to realize she's left her kids at home

Mom goes on morning school run, only to realize she's left her kids at home

The school run is a dreaded but inevitable part of life as a parent. Say goodbye to your treasured lie-ins and actually being able to sit down and enjoy your breakfast - because Matthew can't tie his shoelaces and Lauren still hasn't brushed her teeth.

Yes, there are a lot of factors that can affect the morning school run - but this mom found perhaps the most unique way of causing her kids to be late for class.

Amid the relentless morning rush, the unnamed parent actually managed to drive all the way to her kids' school, only to realize she'd forgot to bring pack the most importing thing: her children.

Check out the hilarious moment the mom realized what had happened in the video below:

Choosing to film the hilarious blunder, the mom starts recording the empty passenger seat next to her, and then pans around to show the unoccupied backseats.

Through fits of laughter, she says: "I’m driving to school without my kids. I’m taking the kids to school and I don’t even have them in the car. I have to go back and pick them up. I can’t believe I left my kids."

"I got in the car and left. Oh my god, I'm such an idiot, I was half asleep this morning. Where are my kids?"

The video was shared online by Twitter user @torrespriss, who tweeted the video with the caption: "She really drove her kids to school but her kids weren’t in the car I can’t stop laughing".

Since being posted on February 24, the video has amassed more up more than four million views, and the responses from Twitter users are almost as funny as the video itself:

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And, unbelievably, @torrespriss was able to provide a video of the mom returning home to pick up her sons. Check it out below:

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