Mom-of-three receives death threats after posting risqué hunting pics

Mom-of-three receives death threats after posting risqué hunting pics

A woman who hails from Wakana in New Zealand has reportedly been inundated with death threats after posting steamy hunting pictures on social media.

Lucy Rose Jaine first started hunting when she met her partner Sharn. The couple now has had three children together, and although Lucy is adamantly against factory farming, she sees hunting and conservation as a more environmentally-friendly way of eating meat and getting in touch with nature.

Watch this video about a man and his son confronting a deer hunter:

Their family typically hunts wild pigs, as well as deer, chamois, tahr, goats, rabbits, and wallabies. Lucy estimates she saves about £150 per month through hunting animals for meat, and she loved hunting so much that she launched her own Instagram blog.

There she regularly uploaded snaps of herself carrying her dead quarry and showcasing the rifles and shotguns she uses when shooting game meat. However, a number of social media users were outraged by her pictures, and now Lucy has opened up about the death threats she has been subjected to as a result of her hobby.

Per British tabloid newspaper The Sun, Lucy has revealed that her entire family love hunting,

But due to the nature of many of Lucy's posts - some of which show the huntress posing in her underwear with animal carcasses - she receives a lot of comments from angered Instagram users. The following comments were found posted to her profile:

Lucy also says that she believes that hunting is more humane than buying meat from slaughterhouses, because all the animals she kills have lived a good life. In fact, she revealed she doesn't support factory farming at all.

Despite the aggressive comments, Lucy did open up about the back-up she gets from other hunters - especially other female hunters - who defend her from her critics.

Lucy also revealed that she pays no attention to the death threats, and simply asks everybody to be kind in her comments section.

She also says that the family's experiences hunting has brought them closer to nature, stating that being away from screens helps to increase her kids' imaginations.