Mom receives backlash after transforming baby daughter into zombie

Mom receives backlash after transforming baby daughter into zombie

Halloween is one of those holidays that everyone can enjoy. Okay, so maybe you can't bring your kids into a movie theatre to watch a scary movie, and sometimes it can get a little bit intense for them. But kids love to dress up, and there's no reason why the holiday can't be a family event.

In fact, even babies shouldn't be left out, and there are plenty of adorable costumes out there for little tots to wear. But this week, a mom's awesome costume for her baby daughter has gone viral on social media.

Check out this adorable video about the Hocus Pocus-themed costume these three sisters wore for Halloween:

Mother-of-three Tiffany Renfroe, who hails from Eugene in Oregon, boasts some incredibly impressive makeup skills, which she applied to her baby daughter Oakley.

With her husband Daniel dressed as Michael Myers from the Halloween movies, and Oakley dressed up as a pint-sized zombie, the family took to the woods for an awesome photoshoot that looks as good as a Hollywood film set.

One particularly gory picture even had the baby investigating Daniel, who had dressed up as a zombie with fake guts hanging out.

Tiffany captioned the post: "I must have gotten tagged in the 'baby blood bath pic/ like too many times to count. I wanted to do something, but wanted something original. Plus Daniel was a little salty (like margarita rim salty) that I got a mommy and me session while visiting family and friends in Oregon. [sic]"

Tiffany continued: "No babies were harmed in this process, no contacts were used, eyes were edited. No babies were scared in this process, our children are [used] to the mask ... they are [used] to dressing up, and Oakley is no different, although she is intrigued by everything she is not scared. [sic]

Tiffany's spooky post quickly picked up plenty of attention on Facebook, and the images of her photoshoot now boast over 87,000 likes, 59,000 comments, and 160,000 shares.

But sadly, many people failed to see the fun in Tiffany's frightful photos, and lashed out at the mother for making her young daughter appear so morbid:

Fortunately, most of the comments praised the artistic nature of the family's pictures, and praised Tiffany for making Oakley look amazing!

Tiffany later took to Facebook to thank her friends and followers for their support, writing: "I can’t thank everyone enough for all the support we have received from family, friends, and strangers!! This will be a memory that will be with our family for a lifetime! [sic]"

So there you have it: if you want your baby to look scary this Halloween, you're going to have to work very hard to beat the Renfroe family.