Mom requests guy's number for her daughter and her dad is not impressed

Mom requests guy's number for her daughter and her dad is not impressed

There's an endless list of things that could go wrong when asking someone out. You could embarrass yourself, you could offend the other person, and - the big one - you could get rejected. And, when you're on a night out with your friends and someone leaves you standing at the bar looking like an idiot after you drop the ol', "hey, can I get you a drink?" line, there's nothing you can do to shake off the awkwardness.

But if there's one thing that's somehow worse than getting turned down by someone, it's this: having your mother ask someone out for you.

However, for 16-year-old Twitter user, Maliya, that's apparently a totally normal thing to happen.

For some reason or another, Maliya's mum text her a picture of a boy she obviously thought was attractive, and Maliya (who didn't miss a beat) seemed keen to pursue him. In fact, she encouraged her mum to flirt on her behalf, and requested that she show the young man some pictures of her.

And, as far as we can tell from Maliya's mum's replies, the boy was pretty forthcoming with his responses, too. His name is Carlos, he's 15 years old, and he's 6 foot 2. Sounds like a real catch for a 16-year-old girl, right?

Well, Maliya seemed to think so. But then her dad got involved.

While Maliya and her mum were back-and-forthing about the intriguing Carlos, the teenager's dad had somehow caught on to what was happening. Whether he was with Maliya's mum while she was texting her daughter is not clear, but one thing's for sure - he was not happy with what was going on.

In three separate messages, Maliya's dad texted: "Really..." followed by an unimpressed emoji, and then - finally - the kicker, "You have mom pimpin you out."


While Maliya's dad might not have been impressed with what went down, though, everyone else on Twitter was rooting for Maliya's mum to come through with a date for her daughter.

"your mom is both adorable and a real one," commented one person.

"My mom still forgets to grab that one bag of chips from the store for me," said another, "you are blessed".

Unfortunately, the story does not end with Maliya defying her father and running off into the sunset with her new boyfriend.

In a number of updates tacked on to the original text tweet, the 16-year-old informed her followers that - not only is Carlos from Florida ("sad case," she says) - he has a girlfriend. However, she did later add: "update: we’re still texting as FRIENDS n friends only", so perhaps there's hope for this strange internet romance after all.

Then, best of all, Maliya told her followers: "everyone say hi to my mom, she’s reading your tweets."

So, the girl didn't get the guy, the mum didn't successfully complete her mission, and, by the looks of things, the dad wasn't best pleased with anything that happened that day. But, hey, the whole situation made Twitter laugh for a little while - and that's about as much as you can ask for these days.