Mom wants parents to bond with their sons by painting their nails

Mom wants parents to bond with their sons by painting their nails

Nowadays, more and more parents are attempting to deconstruct the gender norms that have been inherent in child-rearing for generations. As our society has become more liberal and tolerant, moms and dads are now more comfortable with allowing their children to explore their gender identity, and not be assigned roles and paradigms that they're not happy with.

One example of a mom who is determined to change the way parenting works is Brittany McCabe, who claims that painting her son's nails is a fun activity that has brought them closer together.

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In a recent blog post made on the website, Brittany explained that she first started painting her two-year-old's nails after he saw her doing the same activity with his older sister Jackie, and wanted to join in. When she painted them a number of different colours, the toddler's face lit up, and he seemed to really appreciate the artistic merits of cosmetics.

Brittany stated: "Because of my son's positive experience with getting his nails coloured, it has become one of his most beloved activities. I even launched my own line of non-toxic nail polish for kids because my son loves it so much. He now attempts to paint his nails on his own, with a little help and supervision on my end."

She continued: "As a mom, there is nothing better than watching your child experience those moments where they try new things and see cause and effect in a whole new light. As a child development specialist for the last 15 years, working one-on-one with children from birth to 8 years old, I know just how important it is to give kids a creative outlet and allow them the freedom to express themselves."

Children learn through play and it’s critical to provide a wide variety of ways for them to explore, test, and create. Art, in particular, is a great way to help a child make sense of their feelings and the world around them. And supporting the way kids have chosen to express themselves helps boost their self-esteem, too."

She added: "But aside from that, my manicure and pedicure sessions with my son is also our time for parent-child bonding, which is important for emotional stability, growth, and development."

"Spending time with my son painting nails is certainly not conventional, but in my house, we focus on what is developmentally appropriate and fun rather than old-fashioned gender roles."

Indeed, Brittany has now noticed that other little boys in the park have started painting their nails the same way, and she hopes that it will be as much of a positive experience for them as it has been for her child.

If you'd like to check out Brittany's range of special kid-friendly nail polish, then why not visit her official website, or check out her Instagram account for further updates in the future.