Mountain Dew is reportedly launching a new peach flavour

Mountain Dew is reportedly launching a new peach flavour

Just like an incredibly inquisitive WAG or an angry presidential tweet, the prospect of new Dew is almost guaranteed to set the internet ablaze. Already this year, news of the famous energy drink’s pineapple-flavoured riff on their classic formula had fans falling over themselves in excitement before the drink even hit stores. Now, they might have another delicious excuse to get all riled up. 

According to multiple reports emerging this week, Mountain Dew are readying themselves to enter the New Year’s Eve drink market with a brand new peach-flavoured bottle. The drink, dubbed “Happy Dew Year”, is yet to be officially confirmed by Mountain Dew, but is widely believed to be imminent thanks to some in-depth internet research. 

Credit: Reddit/death_metal_waffle

The intel seems to stem from the Dew-loving Reddit community, r/MountainDew, where a photo purportedly of the new bottle appeared on the message board. This follows an earlier photo which featured three hitherto unseen Mountain Dew variants, including Happy Dew Year, two of which have subsequently been released. This has led several commentators to conclude that Dew Year’s own release is also imminent. 

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The prospect of a peach flavour is given extra credence by the fact that Mountain Dew has already dabbled in that area - collaborating with KFC to create honey and peach “Sweet Lightning” earlier this year. Given how favourably this was received, it may encourage the brand to pursue similar flavours in the future. 

Despite the hype and obvious excitement around the prospect of more new Dew, it’s important to note that there’s been no official word from Mountain Dew themselves on the potential release. In the meantime, we’ll just have to stare at the picture of the bottle and keep our fingers crossed.