Mulled wine hair color is here just in time for Christmas

Mulled wine hair color is here just in time for Christmas

There are some things that are just quintessentially Christmas.

If you were to offer me a mince pie in August, I'd leave your house and never speak to you again. If somebody tried to kiss me under the mistletoe in April, I'd say "nice try" and never speak to them again. And if my wife started singing Wizard's 'I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday' in May, I'd say "that's a lovely voice but you're seven months too late - I want a divorce" and never speak to her again.

Yes, some things should be celebrated in December only, and one of those things is mulled wine. If you're unfamiliar with mulled wine, it is simply the lovingly warm red elixir that makes all those arguments at Christmas bearable.

Check out these need-to-know hair hacks:

And to honor this delicious drink, people are now dying their hair the same rich color to celebrate the holiday season.

People with darker skin tones are opting for a deeper shade of the purplish-red color, and those with lighter skin tones tend more toward the red end of the spectrum. Either way, you could just throw a cinnamon stick in there because it looks absolutely delicious.

As you can see from the pictures, the color looks amazing on anybody, and it is the perfect switch from whatever your hair was doing this summer. Many summer trends have seen very light pinks and greys take the spotlight - so this drastic switch up is exactly what you need to get through these colder months.

The color also looks amazing in the sunlight, so it doesn't matter if you're one of the lucky people not celebrating Christmas in the cold, dark and wet like the rest of us - you're still gonna look poppin'!

What better way to celebrate Christmas than looking good enough to drink?