Museums are battling over who has the best bum exhibit

Museums are battling over who has the best bum exhibit

Anyone who has ever taken a stroll through any self-respecting museum will know that there are typically a lot of bums on show. Big bums, barely-there bums, and perfectly sculpted bums - museums really do have it all.

Now, as the world has come to a standstill, museums have decided to battle it out over who has the best bum exhibit.

The Yorkshire Museum set up the battle between curators on June 26, offering up their initial entry of a Roman marble statuette of an athlete who, unfortunately, has had a chunk knocked out of his derrière.

In an interview with Bored Panda, Lee Clark, the York Museums Trust communications manager, said that it wasn't long before other museums took up the challenge and there have been entries from all over the world.

"There have been some fantastic suggestions of great behinds, with some museums getting very creative!" Lee said.

So, without further ado, here are some of the best entries to the best bum competition.

Scarborough Museum posted this hilarious entry of a naked man lying down with the caption: "We like to think he's just been to the freezer and realized he ate the last Cornetto last night. And that he can't get the drawer back in and that the whole freezer needs defrosting."

Ashmolean Museum's entry was this fabulous statue of Zeus' bum which they described as a "real crowd pleaser".

This was rivaled by the Wallace Collection's solid gold bum entry below.

Ota Memorial Museum of Art then entered these incredible sumo wrestlers' bums.

One of the most hilarious entries was from National Trust in the East, and let's just say this was a very good crack at winning this competition...

Meanwhile, Aberdeen University's Museums and Special Collections decided on the oldest bums in their collection.

It was captioned: "We decided on two of our oldest so here is the approx. 3,500-year-old bum of Egyptian deity Bes and this delightful Peruvian whistle pot bottom from 1350-1500."

And last, but most certainly not least, is "Aphrodite of the beautiful buttocks".

However, this was merely the start of the Yorkshire Museum's #CURATORBATTLE, which takes place every Friday and has included other subjects like the best cat and the creepiest object! Follow them on Twitter to keep up with the battles.