Nightlight lets you sleep under a nebula of stars

Nightlight lets you sleep under a nebula of stars

I've always found that the weirdest thing about humans is that we love sleep, but so many of us are terrible at it.

I spend about 90% of my time awake thinking about how much I cannot wait to get back to sleep. However, when the time comes to crawl under my duvet and finally nod off, for some reason, I just can't. Perhaps my boring bedroom just isn't relaxing enough for me to finally relax and fall asleep?

Speaking of sleep, this woman has been dubbed a real 'Sleeping Beauty' as her condition causes her to sleep for days on end:

And if you're like me, then what you need is something that will transport you away from your day-to-day life and make you feel like you're in the middle of nowhere sleeping under the stars, then this nightlight is for you.

The BlissLights Sky Lite, available on Amazon, works by "projecting a field of drifting green stars against a transforming blue nebula cloud" - and the results look mesmerizing and relaxing.

The product's official Amazon description reads:

"Bring a galaxy indoors! The SKYlite instantly projects a field of drifting stars against a transforming blue nebula cloud. Simple button controls make it easy to cycle through light effects, adjust brightness, or start/stop the motion. A unique way to light up parties, revitalize your workspace, or light a romantic dinner for two. It also works as a unique nightlight. An excellent gift for adults and kids alike! Includes AC adapter.

"Use either SKY as a unique night light, enjoy dining under the stars, create a relaxing spa, or accent your home and entertainment areas!

"As an industry leader in laser lighting, BlissLights uses only the highest quality lasers and superior holographics, the same energy efficient technology found in theme park lighting."

And the Sky Lite isn't just great to fall asleep to, as the projector can be used in any room in the house. Why not make that romantic dinner even more romantic. Or add some atmosphere to movie night?

I'd even put mine in the bathroom and pretend I'm at a fancy spa.

One happy customer who left a five-star review wrote: "I’m totally addicted to this thing. If I’m going to spend a significant amount of time in a room I’ll bring it with me. It’s great for really anything, even watching tv or enjoying a magical bath. It’s quite beautiful and relaxing.

"It’s easy to use and small, my only complaint in the placement of the buttons: whenever I pick up the unit or try to adjust it, I inevitably push one and have to figure out which one it was and then cycle through them again to get to where I was. And, this has become more minor as time goes on, I do wish the stars were blue or white instead of green. Some of the seller’s images make them look more along this spectrum, but, it’s still enjoyable. For the price this can’t be beaten, I’m seriously tempted to get one for every room."

While another wrote: "Probably the coolest purchase I’ve made in a while. This skylight adds a unique almost Hypnotizing view where ever you put it. I’ve have bought 2 so far. It has a few settings. I’m still learning how to use it properly. There is a timer and brightness option included. It’s a must if [you're] looking to kick up a room a notch TrUst mE!!"

Overall, the Sky Lite has a rating of 4.6 out of 5, so it certainly sounds like a quality product you can trust.

Each unit costs $49.99 - which is a decent price for introducing an entire nebula into your home.