Nike releases new trainer-style sandals

Nike releases new trainer-style sandals

If this summer can be defined by anything, it's probably the resurgence of the humble Croc into public discourse. For years, Crocs have been derided as something of a fashion faux pas; the undeniably comfortable, but ultimately not-very-stylish shoe have long been a synonym for fashion ineptitude.

Yet, over the last couple of months alone, stories of new weird and wonderful Crocs designs have been popping up the world over. We've been confronted with Goth Crocs with metal studs, Wedding Crocs for your special day, Crocs handbags for those who just can't get enough functionality in their lives, and even Crocs with socks, for the ultimate dad-at-a-bbq vibe.

It would seem that someone over at Nike has been paying attention the renaissance of the Croc, because the giant trainer brand has just come out with a new sandal.

Allow me to introduce to you the Air Force 1 VTF.

Credit: Nike

Nike reckons this shoe will help you stand out from the crowd, and it's not difficult to see why. With an elastic strap for ease of slipping on and off, the shoe has many features of a classic Nike shoe design. Here's what the company has to say about the new sandal;

"The Nike Air Force 1 VTF has all the elements of the classic look in a slingback design. An elastic strap is easy to take on and off. Glittery and metallic details help you stand out from the crowd."

According to Hypebae, the sneaker also has an "Air-Sole unit" to provide cushioning for extra comfort. The Air Force 1 VTF currently retails for $90, and is available in kids' sizes up to age seven.