'Nordic white hair' is the latest style trend to match your ice-cold soul

'Nordic white hair' is the latest style trend to match your ice-cold soul

Just when I thought we'd experienced the worst of this winter, today I stepped outside and was greeted by a cold chill that almost turned the blood in my veins into a slushy. Literally, as I type this, snow has started to fall outside my window.

But just when you thought the cold weather was ruining the start of the year, at least the fashion world is starting to catch on.

By now, I'm sure many of us have seen celebrities like Khloé Kardashian and Lady Gaga rocking the platinum hair trend from the last couple of years, but the awe of platinum hair has now worn off, as many people now consider it to be just a very light shade of blonde.

Check out these must-know hair hacks below:

But thankfully, some daring people out there are turning the hue of their hair up to 11, and embracing an icy-white color that's as cold as my soul.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the #NordicWhiteHair trend.

A hairstyle Elsa from Frozen would be proud of, this icy white color is not only so on-season, but is also guaranteed to turn a few heads.

Speaking to Allure, Massachusetts-based colorist Daniel Tetreault (also known as @HairLikeaBoss on Instagram), discussed his process when it comes to eye-popping colors like this. Tetreault says:

"Creating platinum-white hair takes patience and consistency — these results are done in five- to eight-hour sessions, depending on the client's starting point and the condition of their hair. When I teach classes I always preach: Go low and slow. Babysit the hair and just watch it [because] it's all about saturation and understanding what you’re seeing."

And per Glamour, colorist Nikki Ferrera recommends that anybody looking to brave Nordic White Hair needs to consider their natural hair color and skin tone first.

Ferrera says: "This color would work best on someone who has fair or golden skin and a hair color that ranges anywhere from light brown to the lightest blonde. The way, you would go about getting this is by lifting the natural hair color to as light as it would possibly go."

It is also recommended that anybody considering the ice-cold look also pays a visit to their local salon beforehand to consult with a colorist.