Old man goes viral after eating half a tin of paint he mistook for yogurt

Old man goes viral after eating half a tin of paint he mistook for yogurt

In this day and age, there are so many weird and wonderful foods available in the world that it's hard to pick a favourite. The sweeter-toothed amongst us might favour chocolate or candy, while those who prefer a savoury dish might opt for their mama's home-cooked specialty. For one old man, though, there is only one foodstuff that can claim to be champion: yoghurt.

Bobby, a 90-year-old grandfather, loves the creamy snack so much that his daughter buys "at least 7 quarts of vanilla Danon yogurt a week," says his granddaughter, Alex Stein.

Now, as far as a food obsessions go, yoghurt probably isn't a bad one to have. It's not super unhealthy, and - depending on the brand - can actually be fairly nutritious. Unfortunately for Grandpa Bobby, though, his yoghurt cravings proved to be a little more dangerous than normal when he ate half a can of paint because he thought it was his usual dairy treat.

Alex posted about her grandpa's antics on Twitter, sharing a truly iconic snap of her papa with mint green paint smeared around his mouth. The tweet very quickly went viral (and is currently sitting at 165,000 retweets), capturing the hearts of thousands of people who - for some strange reason - felt an instant affinity for this yoghurt-craving nonagenarian.

Many people commented on his appearance, post-paint party:

While others debated on the flavour of the "yoghurt":

grandpa eats paint comments Credit: Twitter

And one person even posted their sister's response to hearing about Bobby's antics:

Of course, a few people were worried about the 90-year-old's health after the incident - but Alex reassured everyone that he was totally fine, saying, "Update: his stomach’s completely unfazed".

She also posted a video of her grandfather's reaction to finding out that he'd gone viral, and it's somehow even more hilarious than the paint-eating snap:

And it turns out there's plenty more Bobby content out there, as the old man has his own Instagram account. His profile (which was presumably written by Alex) describes him as "Bob (yogurt guy). 90 years young..Single & reDy to mingle? Paul McCartney doppelgänger. Hobbies include talking about Tom Brady, dancing shirtless, and making messes! [sic]"

He's just a few choice posts: