Online toilet paper calculator tool tells you how long your stash will last

Online toilet paper calculator tool tells you how long your stash will last

In these uncertain times, it would seem that some people's biggest worry is how much toilet paper they're going to need while locked in their homes.

Yes, amid the global pandemic, toilet paper unexpectedly became the hottest commodity for shoppers around the world, with panic-buyers stocking up on rolls.

As humorous as it all seemed at first, more and more stories started to emerge of careless panic-buyers behaving selfishly.

Police departments have had to issue statements asking people not to call 911 if they are out of toilet paper, images of the elderly standing in empty supermarket aisles have been circulated across social media, and earlier this week, a 13-year-old girl was crushed by desperate shoppers rushing the loo roll.

Check out this leaked security footage that shows a hoard of people stampeding to the toilet roll aisle amid the crisis:

Fortunately, there is a new online tool to help people find some clarity in these pressing times, and let them know exactly how much toilet paper they're going to need in the coming weeks.

The tool is called simply How Much Toilet Paper?! and users are provided with a number of days their toilet paper will last based on certain criteria.


Visitors can select how many rolls they currently have in the household, how many sheets are used per wipe/trip, how many sheets per roll, how many people are quarantined with you, and how many days you plan on self-isolating.

After adjusting the sliders for each criterion, users will be presented with a total number of days - rather handy if you ask me.


So keep calm and get calculating!

During Thursday's daily coronavirus press conference, Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged the nation to be "reasonable" when it came to shopping, saying: "We’ve got good supply chains, farm to fork, there’s no reason for shops to be empty.

"Of course, everybody understands why people are buying stuff, we’re all being advised to stay at home if we think we have symptoms.

"But please be reasonable. Be reasonable in your shopping, be considerate and thoughtful of others as you do it."

Let's all be sure to look out for each other in these uncertain times.