Oreo are releasing their 'Most Stuf' Oreos in early 2019, and cookie fans can't wait

Oreo are releasing their 'Most Stuf' Oreos in early 2019, and cookie fans can't wait

Oreo cookies are okay. In fact, they're more than okay - they're great. Dip them in cookies, mix them into your desserts, eat them hunched over the sink in the dark like some kind of feral Cookie Monster - I'm not judging you. Oreo on, my friends. Skip lunch if you have to.

But there comes a time that any Oreo lover has to stop and ask themselves: is there enough Stuf in my Oreo to make me truly happy? Would there be more Stuf in a bourbon cookie, a Jammy Dodger or maybe a Custard Cream? Oreo, somewhere deep in their HQ, anticipated this.

They came out with Double Stuf Oreo, but we were not satisfied. Then, they came out with the Mega Stuf Oreo, and we were still not satisfied. So Oreo probably looked at their customer feedback report and said: "You want Stuf? Oh, we'll give you some Stuf all right."

And that's how some mad scientist at Oreo came up with the Most Stuf Oreo cookie, his cackling silhouette periodically illuminated by strikes of lightning. Oreo made something that's more creme than cookie at this point. The Instagram account thejunkfoodaisle is the closest thing we'll get to a cookie correspondent, and they were the first to come across the Most Stuf Oreo cookie, back on October 6.

Their Insta caption was cryptic.

Saying little more than it was "coming soon" and the level of Stuf was representative of the real thing, saying it was an "actual product photo". Sandwich cookie lovers had little to go on for ages, speculation running wild over glasses of milk and plates of cookies for several weeks, but then Oreo let slip a little more information to People Magazine.

Turns out, Oreo lovers, this was no hoax. Oreo are coming out with their Most Stuf cookie very soon. You won't have to wait long for your biggest fix of Stuf yet; you can expect Most Stuf Oreo cookies at some point in early 2019. As you might expect, sandwich cookie lovers all over the world were pretty darned excited for all that Stuf.

Even better, we might have an actual review of the Most Stuf Oreo cookie, courtesy of food blogger the Junk Food Guy. Returning to his blog after a year away, he gave us the news we all wanted to hear: this Oreo cookie definitely has all the Stuf. "I could’ve mortared up the brick on the outside of my house with this stuff," he explained.

"The consistency of the creme? Exactly the same are regular Oreo creme – just lots more of it. Like Double Stuff, like Mega Stuff – this just had MORE STUF. How’d it taste? DAMN SWEET. This isn’t rocket science, peeps – this is just a cookie with a WHOLE LOT MORE SUGARY GOODNESS. Did I like it? Sure, the way that I liked eating sugar cubes straight from the box back in high school. Sometimes sugar JUST TASTES GOOD."

I don't know about you, but that's all the endorsement I need. I can't wait till 2019, so I can stuff myself with all the Stuf.