Pandora is releasing a 'Harry Potter' collection

Pandora is releasing a 'Harry Potter' collection

It's been more than 20 years since JK Rowling first confunded us all with her iconic tale of the boy wizard, Harry Potter.

Since then, the world has remained firmly under Rowling's spell; seven books, eight movies, a spinoff franchise and various other accompanying short stories to the original seven have followed, and Potter mania shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

You can now buy basically anything you like embossed with some sort of Harry Potter flourish, from homeware, to sneakers, to knitting patterns, and now the jewellers Pandora has become the latest brand to get involved.

The new Harry Potter collection is set to feature 12 hand-finished pieces, such as charms, pendants and a bracelet. Chief Creative and Brand officer Stephen Fairchild told Bustle;

"Harry Potter has brought joy and a belief in magic to generations and Pandora fans have asked for this collection for years.

"Pandora jewellery brings personal stories to life, and the friendship, love, and bravery told in Harry Potter resonates with Pandora’s fans. We’re thrilled to bring this collection to fans around the world."

Sadly, you can't get your hands on the goodies right away, as the collection is set to drop in stores and online on November 28 of this year. That release date does mean, though, that someone might just buy you a Harry Potter charm for Christmas. Now that's worth waiting for.

In the meantime, there are various other collaborations you can check out, including this Lion King set:

Or this Aladdin themed set:

Otherwise, you can join me in looking forward to November. It's going to a magical Christmas time this year!