Papa John's delicious new menu item will have you questioning whether you love or hate January

Papa John's delicious new menu item will have you questioning whether you love or hate January

January isn't the easiest month to deal with for a lot of reasons.

You start off full of hope that you'll actually stick to your New Year's resolutions (and your revolutionary low-carb diet), looking for new experiences to make 2019 your best year yet. But then the inevitable January fatigue sets in, and the awful weather keeps you sat at home wondering what you were thinking.

Oh yes, and Dry January is literally making your social life drift off into a coma from which it will seemingly never awaken…

However, not all new experiences mean braving the cold weather, ditching everything fun, or radically changing your outlook. In fact, for something that will undoubtedly make your January brighter, you barely even have to leave your sofa.

If you don't know whether you're coming or going this January, the pizza pros at Papa John’s have your back, with a new creation that adds a fresh British twist to a delicious treat that's taken the world by storm.

That's right, we're talking scrolls - but not quite how you know them.

Papa John's have teamed up with Marmite® to create a unique hybrid to kill the January blues.

Part pastry and part pizza, Papa John's original pillowy dough is coated with a swirl of Marmite®, covered with their signature cheese, rolled up and baked to perfection. These delicious scrolls are launching with a short-term offer so be on the look-out for as you try and navigate the usual bouts of January despair.

To celebrate the delicious new treat becoming available across the nation this month, Papa John's have an offer right now that includes a Large Pizza, Marmite® & Cheese Scrolls, one other side, plus a 1.5L bottle of Pepsi - all for only £18.99.

Marmite® is the ultimate love-it-or-hate-it food - but when you add cheese to the mix - well that's something I just have to try, even just for the experience. Can these new scrolls make January the best month since December? Either way, Papa John's are certainly having a good go!

These Marmite® & Cheese Scrolls will be available nationwide until the end of March 2019, where you can order them online or pop in to your local Papa John's restaurant!