Paramedics help dying elderly man enjoy his favorite food on his final trip to the hospital

Paramedics help dying elderly man enjoy his favorite food on his final trip to the hospital

Although we are loathe to admit or even think about it, the fact of the matter remains that we're all living on borrowed time, and at some point in the future, we'll draw our final breath, and make our exit from the world. Modern medicine's made that inevitable deadline a bit further away than it used to be, but eventually, the Grim Reaper will collect.

When that day comes, how would you like to go out? It's a question that is especially pertinent for an elderly man named Ron, who was getting ready to say his goodbyes to the world in an ambulance on his way to palliative care. On this occasion, though, the paramedics helping Ron selflessly gave the dying man a little treat on the way there.

Out in Queensland, Ron was making his final journey to the hospital, where he would spend the rest of his days. His wife Sharon - who comes from Gold Coast, Australia - called up Queensland Ambulance Service for her husband's final journey, and it was a bit of a sad occasion all around.

But then, there was a tiny ray of consolation; a little silver lining to the dark cloud that Ron must have been under in such depressing times. During the initial checks, Sharon happened to mention that Ron hadn't eaten for around two days. The two paramedics heard this, and they had a sudden burst of inspiration.

"If you could eat anything, what would it be?" asked the Queensland Ambulance Service Facebook page, who posted a picture of Ron enjoying a nice caramel sundae on his way to the hospital; a small treat that would go a long way toward making his final days in palliative care just a little more palatable.

"We have been left humbled and tinged with sadness after receiving a message of gratitude that underlines an often-unseen aspect of patient care; the caring. Last week, Gold Coast resident Sharon called an ambulance for her husband Ron’s final journey to hospital and palliative care.

Paramedics Kate and Hanna responded and during their initial observations of Ron, Sharon mentioned that he had barely eaten anything over two days. The officers asked Ron, if you could eat anything… what would it be? To which Ron replied, a caramel sundae."

A caramel sundae Ron desired, and a caramel sundae Ron got. If the picture's anything to go by, he had a great time, and the Facebook post has now been shared over 2,000 times. One of the nurses who treated Ron at the hospital even chimed in.

"I remember triaging this lovely man. I was so moved to hear they took him for a sundae on the way in, it’s the small things you guys do that make you absolute legends! Keep up the great work."

Later on, Sharon's daughter Danielle wrote in on the Facebook post, thanking the paramedics for their kindness that day, but sadly revealing that her father had passed away. Rest in peace, Ron - I hope that caramel sundae made your final days a little bit sweeter.