Parents had the perfect response after daycare told them to dress their daughter 'more girly'

Parents had the perfect response after daycare told them to dress their daughter 'more girly'

When you take your child to daycare you expect them to be looked after, not ridiculed. However, for Jessica and Steve Rold, their daughter received the latter.

When the parents were picking up their two year-old-son from daycare with their infant daughter in tow, daycare staff took it upon themselves to issue some unsolicited parenting advice, telling the Rolds to dress their daughter "more girly" for the benefit of the other children.

According to the staff, dressing their child in pink means that they would be able to identify her as a female. But, rather than going home and ordering dollars upon dollars worth of baby clothes, these two came up with another idea.

Addressing the situation humorously, Jessica and Steve rolled up the next day with their daughter looking like this:

Steve posted the image onto Reddit and fellow fathers decided to come forward and contribute their experiences of raising their children in a gender-obsessed society. This man, for example, has a son who loves the colour pink and My Little Pony.

"My four-year-old loves pink. All his friends are girls and they all love pink, MLP, and princesses.... so my son loves to wear pink (he has exactly one pink shirt that he wears the moment it is clean), he begs to watch MLP the moment he gets home from school, and he talks about princesses all the time. I see our family visibly cringe. Its great."

While this dad's daughter loves Hot Wheels and Mine Craft. However, as he says, they are children, so let them have fun.

"I have a 5 year old girl. She loves Pokemon, Minecraft, and has said she wants a Hot Wheels track set for Christmas. She also loves MLP, Barbie, mermaids, princesses, and unicorns.

"Her lego sets include Creator sets, Lego City, Disney Princess, Lego Friends, both "Friends" style and traditional style super hero stuff, Minecraft, and Ninjago.

"Sometimes we buy her T-Shirts and PJs from the boys section. Actually we've been buying PJs from the boy section more and more, because its easier to find stuff that doesn't have those annoying little frilly things on the sleeves that feel scratchy and bother her."

Just let kids have fun and enjoy what they want.

Finally, this little legend loves to live the high life and is partial to a manicure.

"I have boy girl almost three year old twins. My son goes to daycare with all girls. He loves trucks, sports, riding bikes..doing boy things but he also insists when my wife and daughter get their nails painted that he gets his nails (toes as well) painted. Its pretty funny to see and we get a lot of comments on it from strangers but hey, hes happy."

It seems ridiculous that in this day and age, we're getting so hung up on the colour a child is wearing. Kids are kids - let them wear what they want for goodness sake.