People are blasting these designer shoes for looking like 'instant ramen'

People are blasting these designer shoes for looking like 'instant ramen'

Italian fashion house Bottega Veneta has unveiled a pair of shoes as part of its pre-fall collection - shoes that many feel very much resemble ramen noodles.

The comparison was first made in a post by @Diet_Prada, an Instagram account dedicated to highlighting the fashion industry's most unconventional clothing items.

Plenty of people took to the comments to voice their thoughts on the comparison, with one person writing: "I just hope it comes with a soup packet."

"Chicken noodle shoe wit a soda on the side," added another while a third quipped: "seasoning packet included or nah?"

A number of people suggested that they now had an 'appetite' for the noodle shoes.

"Now I want to eat a pair of shoes," wrote one while another said: "Now I’m hungry."

Now, this is a true fashion fail - retailer Zara was forced to apologize after bringing out a shirt which resembles the black and white striped Holocaust concentration camp uniforms:

Of course, given how, erm, unusual this particular footwear is, they definitely weren't everyone's cup of tea.

"Oh nooo I want to unsee," wrote one.

"Cheap and tasteless - I meant both," another agreed.

Credit: PA

But fashion is a matter of personal style and there were many people that confessed to loving the shoes.

"Amazing," said a fan. "Obvi we need these."

"Honestly love it," agreed another.

"Makes me want them even more honestly," a third wrote.

"Yeah still want them tho lol,' a different person said.

Credit: PA

The footwear has also been compared to Justin Timberlake's famous late-90s hairstyle from back when he was in NSYNC - a hairstyle which was also compared to instant ramen at the time.

The shoes, which are not yet available to buy, will come in both light tan and yellow, according to  W Magazine.

Keep checking Bottega Veneta's website for updates.