People are comparing photos of themselves 10 years ago to today

People are comparing photos of themselves 10 years ago to today

A lot can happen in ten years. One of the weirdest moments as you get older is when you talk to a friend about something that feels only a couple of years back, only to find that a decade has passed.

However, now that we've got the likes of Facebook, it's easy to scroll back and see what we were doing exactly 10 years ago, which lead to many people comparing their 2019 looks to their 2009 ones, with some staggering changes being shared.

What's her secret?

Our personal styles can change a lot

From school to university

Growing up

Pharell is officially a vampire

Family photo

Some people get it so easy

How is this real?

One of the most popular YouTubers

I'd call this a win

Glow up and then some


Kevin Smith did pretty well for himself

Even Janet Jackson joined in

Soon enough people made it a meme

Puberty was rough

A little self-deprecating

What a difference...

Call to action

Things got weird

Weisz up

Not all of us age that well...

As you must've anticipated, it didn't take long for the internet to derail the wholesome meme into something far more silly - but it's well worth going back and finding your own photo from 2009. You might be surprised by how much progress you've made!