People are screaming into pots and closing the lid to see if their voice echoes back

People are screaming into pots and closing the lid to see if their voice echoes back

In this brave modern world of ours, there are more ways of wiling away the hours than ever before.

You could scroll endlessly through Instagram, watching recipe video after recipe video until you're so hungry you eat an entire bag of Cheetos to yourself. There are video games, movies, Netflix originals and virtual reality headsets to keep you occupied. Or, you could - whisper it - actually go outside.

You could travel the country, see new places meet new people, try new cuisines.

Or you could jump on board with Lindsay Lohan's wacky dance viral challenge:

If none of those activities are quite tickling your fancy though, you could grab the nearest pot, scream into it, and close the lid to see if your voice echoes back at you.

Sound like fun?

No, me neither, but that's what the people of the internet are apparently filling their time with.

And, the most burning question of all, does it actually work?

Well, no. It doesn't, but one viral video lead a whole load of people to give it a go, making it the latest in a long line of absurd viral internet challenges.

Captioned "OMG IF YOU SCREAM INTO A PAN AND COVER IT WHEN YOU UNCOVER IT YOU HEAR IT”, the video sent shockwaves through the internet.

21-year-old Kevin Corona told Daily Dot how his girlfriend's sister pulled off the illusion;

“She actually screamed with her mouth closed and that’s the sound you hear when she opens the lid,”

And all of a sudden, everyone was giving it a go.

And you can bet that Corona is more than a little tickled by the phenomenon his video has caused;

“I think the whole situation is funny and it’s funny seeing people trying to attempt yelling in a pot, to hear back the scream,” 

It looks like its Kevin Corona 1, the internet 0.

H/T: Daily Dot