People demand woman has children taken away over gruesome Halloween pics

People demand woman has children taken away over gruesome Halloween pics

A mom has come under fire for posting pictures of her daughter posing in gruesome zombie Halloween makeup.

In the photo shoot, one of her children, five-year-old Kynadee, can be seen wearing a white dress, smeared with blood appearing to originate from a "cut" in her arm. Other pictures show the mom's baby, named Kamden, sitting in a bucket of "blood" and appearing to eat a prop brain.

While some snaps are closeups of her and props, others feature her holding a disturbing looking doll and others, a bloody brain... all of which showcase her mom's unbelievable talent as a makeup and special effects artist.

The pictures were posted to Facebook by 26-year-old Bobbi Rylant, and they provoked quite the response on the social media website, with some people going as far as to compare them to an abortion scene. The mom even captioned the Kamden's pics: "I am aware that this is not everyone's cup of tea, but happy spooky season from Zombie Kamden!!"

While there were fans like Olivia Small who wrote: "These are just so amazing. Great eye & you are so talented!!", others took immediate umbrage with the bloody snaps.

"What is wrong with you? This is disturbing!" wrote Amanda Mostert.

"THIS IS NOT RIGHT ON ANY LEVEL. absoulety DEVEATASTING I think this should be absolutely banned from Facebook. PERIOD sick and twisted DEMENTED what are you tracing your children and others. WOW [sic]," remarked Rhonda Berger.

Thankfully, however, many did speak out in Rylant's defense.

"Does everyone have a stick up their ass nowadays?" wrote Alyssa Swanson. "There's absolutely nothing wrong with these. Its spooky season get over it! Don't like it scroll past and ignore!!!! Just because it's not your cup of tea doesn't mean you have to bash her as a mother and in general this has absolutely nothing to do with her mothering skills. It's just pictures you weird asses."

Whereas Pyper Payne wrote: "I'd take seeing this over slutty nurses and witches any day."

What do you think of the pictures? Are they good seasonal fun or a step too far?