Popeye's sold out chicken sandwich gets its own sexy Halloween costume

Popeye's sold out chicken sandwich gets its own sexy Halloween costume

With Halloween fast approaching (it's less than two weeks away!), it's high time those of you who haven't given their costume much thought started doing so. At the very least, by now you should have decided whether you're going for a traditionally spooky costume, or basically just dressing as anything other than yourself.

I mean, you can turn pretty much anything into a Halloween costume these days - that's the beauty of the once-spooky, now-any-theme-you-like holiday.

Three sisters won Halloween with these amazing 'Hocus Pocus' costumes:

Generally, if you're not going down the spooky route, you'll probably end up being a sexy-something. A sexy cat, a sexy cop, a sexy maid... a sexy Popeyes spicy chicken sandwich?

Well, courtesy of Yandy, you can dress up as the fast-food restaurant's sold out chicken sandwich for $79.95. While the retailer's new Halloween costume has no official affiliation with Popeyes and does not mention it by name, the inspiration behind the ensemble is clear.

Since hitting stores in August, the limited-edition sandwich has become quite a talking point on social media, especially among users who were unable to try it after it sold out.

Yandy Credit: Yandy

And now, as a result of its popularity, there is an actual Halloween costume based on the item.

Take a read of costume's description as featured on Yandy:

"Winner, winner chicken dinner...or so you thought. A few too many fast food lovers fantasized about this five star fried feast. Is it due to that unbelievable batter or maybe its drool-worthy bun? Either way, these seasoned breasts will be back on full display in no time. Be the hottest Southern chick in town, and send your babe's taste buds turning in this exclusive Sold Out Chicken Sandwich costume featuring a light brown velour bodysuit with a strapless neckline, a ruffled bodice with a fuzzy textured chicken patty interior, a white SOLD OUT stamp, a cheeky cut back, and matching ruffled bun arm puffs."

Yandy Credit: Yandy

Just like the limited edition sandwich, the new bodysuit has caused quite a stir on Twitter.

"Should I be a Popeyes chicken sandwich for Halloween? y/n," one potential buyer asked their followers.

"I want to be the Popeyes sold out chicken sandwich for Halloween," wrote another.

"I wanna be a popeye’s chicken sandwich for Halloween," added a third, while a fourth announced: "Good news, friends. I decided on my Halloween costume... Sexy Popeyes Chicken Sandwich."

If you share their enthusiasm, you too can get the 'sold out chicken sandwich costume' here.