Radio station that plays 24/7 Christmas music launches today

Radio station that plays 24/7 Christmas music launches today

If you're the sort of person who enjoys making weak, vanilla jokes about how the country's gone because people are already putting their Christmas trees up, then I've got some news that will likely leave you warm with fury.

Indeed, if you've read the headline, and you're easily brought to rage, then the chances are you're already hotter than a Christmas turkey brought fresh from the oven, more boiling than the fluffy innards of a roast potato.

However, if you're on the other end of the festive spectrum, then you might well be smacking your lips with the same anticipation you would for a plateful of pigs in blankets at the news that a radio station playing nothing but Christmas music 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is launching today. On November 1.

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That's right, before we've even got round to reminiscing about Guy Fawkes' ill-fated plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament for bonfire night, Christmas cheer is already being shoved upon us, whether we like it or not.

I've got to be honest, my Christmas excitement normally peaks a good couple of weeks before the actual event, perhaps due to how ridiculously early the build up starts each and every year.

And now, if you reside in the United Kingdom, then you can start indulging your festive sensibilities with the Heart Extra Xmas channel, which will be playing non-stop Christmas songs between now and December 25.

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The all-new station is available across the UK on DAB Digital Radio and across multiple online platforms and apps.

So if you want 54 days of never-ceasing, hour after hour, minute by minute, day, night, breakfast, lunch and dinner Christmas songs, then you now very much have that option to play with in your life. You could feasibly drive to and from work listening, listen all day at work (boss permitting), drive home from work listening, and then spend your evening off listening as well.

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