Reese's have given us 24 days of peanut butter goodness with their new advent calendars

Reese's have given us 24 days of peanut butter goodness with their new advent calendars

Now that it's been a full week since Halloween and my neighbours are yelling at me to take down my Jack O'Lanterns, I can no longer deny the fact that the holiday season, and Christmas, is here. No more can I groan at the decorations on shop windows, no longer can I complain when that Mariah Carey song blares on speakers all day.

But it's not all bad, I guess.

Sweater weather has well and truly arrived, and now that I can finally send my summer bod to the scrapheap, it's once again socially acceptable for me to eat a ton of food and slowly become more rotund. That means delightfully carby dinners, it means lots of hot chocolate and wine, and it also means advent calendars.

Advent Calendar Credit: Getty

At any other point in the calendar year, eating chocolate first-thing in the morning would be the kind of action that would get you weird stares from your coworkers. Now, when I begin my day with my morning coffee and chocolate, instead of aggressively flirting with diabetes, I'm just in the holiday spirit!

Now, chocolate's great, but what if you could have Reese's Peanut Butter Cups to help you to count down the days until Christmas? That hypothetical is actually... not, uh, very hypothetical at all, because Reese's have seen fit to come up with just that, and with holiday season round the corner, I'm very glad they have done.

Now, usually, we have to go all the way to Target or Walmart in order to hear about these amazing alternative advent calendars, but not for the last time, you'd be rewarded for deciding to stay inside and try online shopping instead. If you happen to be looking for chocolate on Amazon like me, you would have noticed this interesting item for sale.

Reese's Advent calendar Credit: Amazon

Mixing different flavours of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups with exotic flavours of Reese's Pieces to go with it, this advent calendar is all the peanut buttery goodness you'll need to get you through the long winter nights, surrounded by your family. Plus, with a retail price of just $19.99, it's barely going to make a dent in your wallet, so you'll have plenty of cash left for Christmas gifts.

Social media, unsurprisingly, loves the idea. Just look at this delighted son of a gun, his beaming face lit up even further by the dull orange glow of a Reese's advent calendar:

Melvin Odoom isn't the only delighted one, either. Plenty more have tweeted about this most incredible of advent calendars, and there are no Scrooges to be seen here:

Well, folks - there we have it! Christmas is well and truly here, and even if you're a massive Grinch or Scrooge, I think you'll find room in your cold heart (and empty stomach) for the Reese's advent calendar. With all that delicious in just one box, who could resist?