10 People share their worst wedding horror stories and they'll leave you cringing

10 People share their worst wedding horror stories and they'll leave you cringing

Weddings are great and all, but there is so much that could potentially go wrong. Who's to say that estranged great-uncle, who your mum forced you to invite, won't take it upon himself to air the family's dirty laundry? What about that ex-boyfriend you invited who you were certain wouldn't cause any trouble? Big mistake: now, he's drunkenly telling anyone who will listen that you should have got hitched to him when you had the chance.

Not to mention the best man's speech: I once went to a Mormon wedding where the best man decided to reveal in front of the entire room that the no-sex-before-marriage couple had enjoyed a little hanky panky months before the ceremony. It certainly wasn't the best day of their lives after that revelation.

However, there are minor, avoidable slip-ups, and there are absolute horror stories. And the people on Reddit have plenty of the latter type to share. Join us as 10 people online share their worst ever wedding horror stories - and prepare to cringe in the process.


I once attended a wedding in which the groom failed to attend. It was a total disaster. The bride looked like she could have been just 18, absolutely adorably cute and she just sat out in the hallway crying with her parents while her friends and family were moved from the ceremony hall to the reception area for dinner and drinks.

Weirdly enough though, the groom showed up later in the evening after the minister had already gone home. We had their formal dances but on that day, they didn't actually get married.



My mother not telling any of us she had both her legs amputated and showing up at my wedding and reception (both being held at non-HP friendly locations) having to be carried up stairs in a wheelchair.

- Deleted Reddit account


Friends had a small wedding, with the reception in a private area of a restaurant, with about 30 people. After the meal, our server came through the doors with the three-tier wedding cake in her arms. When she got front and centre, she slipped and hit the floor like a rock - face first into the cake. The initial laughter stopped quickly when it seemed she might be hurt, because she wasn't moving. She got up with help, obviously sore, but crying as hard as I've ever seen. Hysterically apologising over and over. Fast forward a couple hours, and thankfully she was physically okay. But even better, she was serving New Yorkers with money who felt terrible for her, and were now drunk. I don't know what the hosting couple tipped her, but I'm certain she picked up another $5000 from the guests on the side. I threw her a $100, and I'm cheap. She was crying again when we left, but for an entirely different reason.



I was at a friend's wedding reception and we're having a good time dancing. A different friend's kid (maybe five or six years old) was hiding under a table while his parents were getting shitfaced and ignoring him.

The kid then starts running and laughing through the dance floor and I see him wipe something that looks like chocolate on the BRIDE'S dress. She's mortified and everybody stops dancing. It was shit. He had shit into his hand and wiped it on people.

Years later, my wedding was child-free.


My fathers wedding. Where the bride's mother brought whisky to the wedding. Gets shitfaced before the ceremony and loudly exclaims how my father is not good enough for my mother. Gets thrown out and slashes the tires on the limo.



I forgot an undershirt at my own wedding. Which would be no big deal except my shirt was white and my brown nipples like to say hi, especially on a hot day in July. I had to buy a shirt from the conference hall gift shop, and it had PRINCETON written in orange across the front. I just turned it inside out and was good to go. Marriage ended, but I still have my Princeton shirt, and I live in Princeton now so it works out.



 I was one of nine groomsmen in my friends wedding. When we stood on the stage during the ceremony the last groomsman in the line (the brides brother) was a good 30 feet from where the bride and groom were standing. Anyways, before we walked out brides brother says to me "man I gotta fart so badly!" Me thinking he was joking just told him to let her rip. About 10 minutes into the 45 minute long ceremony he did indeed let er rip but silently so. Due to the air conditioning in the church being on, it took a bit for the stench hit me. It was like a low hanging fog. Over the course of the next couple minutes I observed this putrificiant cloud overtake each groomsmen one by one until hitting first the grooms nostrils, then the priest and finally the bride who started gagging.



I was at my aunts wedding. As she was walking down the aisle, a phone rang. It was her soon-to-be mother-in-laws. It rang for a while while she fumbled through her purse. She finally got it out. And answered it. And talked. For a while. While my aunt was walking down the aisle.

- Deleted Reddit account


Went to a wedding once where the caterer messed up the food so bad that it was basically inedible. They ended up "making up for it" by ordering a mass amount of chicken from KFC. The reception was literally just KFC meals. Everyone was shocked and horrified, me? I loved it cause come one, who doesn't love some good ol' colonel chicken.



My grandfather died at my aunt's rehearsal dinner. It was a week before my 8th birthday. We were dancing one second and he was on the floor the next. I don't think I was traumatized, but I learned a lot about death that day.

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