12 Of the craziest red flags people failed to notice with their exes

12 Of the craziest red flags people failed to notice with their exes

The Millennial generation has seen the rise of a completely new form of dating, one that is conducted largely through our screens. Yes, we log into platforms such as Tinder and Bumble and accept or reject potentials on the basis of their Facebook profiles and a short bio. And it goes without saying, but this is a completely different landscape to the dinner-and-a-movie type affair that our parents enjoyed.

And boy are there some downsides - in the world of online dating, it appears that every bad quality a love interest could have is exemplified. But irrespective if you've met someone through a dating app or via a mutual friend, you still have to suss out just what level of crazy your potential love interest is.

Here are 12 of the craziest red flags that people failed to notice with their exes.

1. Ouch 

2. You don't want that in a relationship...

3. Lucky escape? I think so.

4. That's a red flag if ever I saw one...

5. Oh dear

6. At least you were there for her during a tough time

7. Never!

8. Makes sense 

9. Never enter into a controlling relationship 

10. Cheating should never be tolerated 

11. What a red flag!

12. This doesn't sound fair

Well, there you have it. Next time you go out on a first date be sure to take caution when it comes to these warning signals.