18 couples reveal the heartbreaking reasons behind their break-up

18 couples reveal the heartbreaking reasons behind their break-up

Relationships are a complex and difficult landscape to navigate and, sometimes, things can go wrong. There are a host of things that can lead to the demise of a relationship. Whether it's things like incessantly lying, cheating or, in some cases, domestic violence - no relationship is perfect, but some are a lot worse than others.

In light of this slightly negative notion, the users of Whisper have come forward to reveal what it was that led to the end of their relationships. Take a look below:

1. This is tough

2. Family first... Or not, in this case.

3. This must be awkward

4. It's rarely a good idea to go back

5. Why do you want her back then?

6. That's a pretty quick time to "burn out"

7. Communication is key

8.  It does indeed

9. Distance is a killer

10. You will find someone

11. It's best to be open

12. Christ

13. This is the worst

14. Don't do it!

15. Could the fire be re-ignited?

16. He's not worth your time, neither are you "friends"

17.How does he feel though?

18. As long as you're ready now

If you're reading this and feeling slightly disheartened about your possibilities of finding the perfect relationship, don't fret too much - love can appear in the strangest of circumstances.