6 People reveal why they gave their cheating partner a second chance

6 People reveal why they gave their cheating partner a second chance

Oh, to be young and to feel love's keen sting.

Unfortunately, heartbreak is a part of love, and some of us are unluckier than others in our pursuit of something meaningful in a romantic context. Breakups happen; people move on, hurt, jaded and perhaps a little more cynical than they once were about the world they live in and the people that inhabit it.

But what would you do if you found out your partner was cheating on you? Would you stay, or would you go, to paraphrase the popular song?

These people decided to give their cheating partners a second chance, and they've shared exactly why they chose to do so in a Reddit thread.


"We were married less than a year. It was the hardest year of my life. He went to watch a sporting event with his friends and didn't come back that night. He called me in the morning and told me what happened. Lots of counseling, lots of fighting, and we are still married 20 years and two kids later. I think since he told me right away and didn't try to hide it made it easier." 


"Being trapped in a lease with someone makes you think differently. When you don't have that hard evidence, but deep down you know whats going on. Physically didn't have the money to break up with her, if that makes sense.

After the lease ended and we moved into separate places, I gave us a few more months, but we ended it in April. Probably a good thing, because her and her new BF just celebrated their one year [anniversary] in October."


"I gave her a second chance, but broke it off years later. All the insecurities and negative thoughts will slowly eat you apart. Don't recommend anyone to go through the same experience. We're still good friends though."


"I gave him a second chance, but it was never the same. The trust was gone. Surprisingly, he began to treat me as if I had cheated. Worried when I went out with girlfriends, texting frequently when we were apart and becoming upset when I didn't answer right away, and constantly asking questions about my male friends. It was like cheating woke him to the possibility that I could do it, too. Needless to say, we broke up a few years later. I wish it had been sooner." 


"We were crazy about one another early on — or so I thought until she cheated on me. I forgave her as honestly, I didn't see us not being together long term, even though my head was telling me not to. We broke up a couple of months later but remained good friends. She then started to become 'close friends' with the guy that she cheated on me with, and couldn't understand why that was an issue. In the end, I gave an ultimatum (well, two or three times) that it was either me or him and she chose me. We are still close friends now, but in a very confusing spot. Both my family and her family assume that we're going to go on and get married, but I'm not so sure. I absolutely adore spending time with her, but I'm not sure I'd recommend it to anyone." 


"I forgave him because if he hadn't told me there would have been absolutely no way I would have found out and he was crushed by what he had done.

It's been over three years since this happened. Trust just takes time. Open communication and time.

Our relationship is sensational now. Been together nearly five years, have a gorgeous doggo and if all goes according to plan I'll be lucky enough to marry him.

It is possible to recover from cheating. It takes work, patience, communication and most importantly a strong want from both parties to make it through."


What do you think; is it possible to recover a relationship after someone has been cheated on? Or is it better to part ways and never look back? It seems there is no definitive answer.