70-stone man dubbed 'Pakistani Hulk' is looking for a wife

70-stone man dubbed 'Pakistani Hulk' is looking for a wife

A gigantic man from Pakistan weighing around 70-stone, who has been dubbed the 'Pakistani Hulk' by his fans, is allegedly looking for love and trying to find himself a wife.

Arbab Khizer Hayat, a 27-year-old man who has become famous in his home country for his mass, claims he has rejected nearly 300 would-be suitors, due to their size being unsuitable for his large frame.

Take a look at this video all about Hulk Man: 

Per The Daily Mail, Hayat claims that his ideal partner needs to be at least 6"4 so they can match his height of 6"6, and will also need to have a ‘bulky frame’ to avoid being squished by him.

Hayat also wants his prospective spouse to be a chef capable of cooking large banquets to match his voracious appetite. Hayat regularly consumes a whopping 10,000 calories every day: eating 36 eggs for breakfast, three kilograms of meat and multiple bowls of rice and bread throughout the day, washed down with another five liters of milk.

He adds that he has been looking for love for some time, due to the fact that his parents are keen for him to give them grandchildren. Sadly, no lucky ladies have been able to match his impressive girth. For now, the hunt goes on.

Hayat started gaining weight in his teens and insists that despite his large calorie consumption, he's still as fit and as healthy as a slimmer man.

He now regularly competes in weightlifting and strongman championships, and went viral in his native land after videos of himself pulling a tractor by a rope as it attempted to reverse away from him went viral on social media.

We wish Arbab the very best in his search for a special someone. I'm sure he'll meet Mrs. Right one of these days...