8 Signs that you're falling out of love with your partner

8 Signs that you're falling out of love with your partner

It's lovely to be in love, but falling out of love is decidedly less lovely.

Coming to the realisation that you're no longer in love with your boyfriend/girlfriend can be a gut-wrenching thing, particularly if you've been together for any length of time.

What's worse, though - and crueller by far - is to stay with someone you aren't really in love with anymore merely to avoid the alternative.

Yes, you'll have to deal with some painful conversations and probably some misplaced guilt, too, but in the end it's always better to be honest with yourself - and your partner - about the way you're feeling.

Here are some science-backed signs that might show you're falling out of love with your significant other.

1. You start to notice their imperfections more 

2. You're not really talking about your issues any more

3. You start to look elsewhere 

4. You're flat out falling for someone else

5. You're not really envisaging your future together 

6. You're not really up for sex anymore

7. Your partner falls down your list of priorities 

8. You feel like you need more space

Do any of these sound familiar? Remember, only you really know how you feel about your partner, and communication is always going to be the key to a successful relationship.