83-year-old grandma uses Tinder to find younger men for casual hookups

83-year-old grandma uses Tinder to find younger men for casual hookups

You're never too told to date. Seriously, you might well think that being older than 40, 50, or even 60 means that there's no point in trying to find love, but you'd be totally wrong. In fact, thanks to dating apps on cell phones, there's never been an easier way for mature people to meet new people and enjoy fulfilling sexual and romantic relationships.

One person who knows this all too well is 83-year-old grandmother Hattie Retroage, who has embraced the dating app Tinder in a bid to find younger men for her to have casual sex with.

Far from struggling, Hattie is loving it and says that she's already had plenty of hookup offers.

An image of Hattie Retroage. Credit: Getty

The New Yorker reports that Hattie was happily married for more than 25 years, before she and her husband decided to separate. Their split was amicable, but without him around, the senior citizen felt she was missing out on an active sex life.

Meet the UK's oldest burlesque dancer, who claims the hobby has helped her feel more attractive:

Despite her age, however, Hattie was determined to enjoy new intimate relationships, and now she only dates younger guys. She even claims that many younger men have a fetishistic interest in older women, and get off on the idea of dating a woman who is several generations older than they are.

Hattie is a self-professed 'cougar' - but she wants to educate people about her lifestyle, and get rid of the negative preconception people have about her. She first started using Tinder 8 months ago, and has had over 50 matches so far.

Her Tinder bio says: "Hattie, 83, fascinating older beauty. Seeking a steady younger friend/lover for a shared life of adventure and passion. No pro-Trump and no players."

An image of Hattie Retroage. Credit: Getty

The youngest man Hattie has dated was aged 19, and she's now currently seeing a 33-year-old man named Shaun, who is 50 years her junior.

So there you have it folks; just because you've got grey hair and a few wrinkles doesn't mean you can't have fun, and party like you're 21. Just take it from Hattie!