9 People reveal the hilarious reason they're single this Valentine's Day

9 People reveal the hilarious reason they're single this Valentine's Day

It's that time of year again. Couples everywhere are stressing out over booking a table at their favourite restaurant, or rushing to stores to try and find the perfect present even though it hasn't been that long since they blew all their money on their partner's Christmas present.

Then you've got all the single people wondering exactly why they couldn't find someone to the share the day with this year. This day is meant to be good for some people... right?

While it's not an easy task to make Valentine's Day a successful one, there are plenty out there who haven't got a date tonight. One Redditor asked users on the site why exactly they're single for the big day, and some of the responses were hilarious.

1. /u/theguywiththeballoon

"Because my wife works night shift."

couple heart balloons Credit: Pexels

2. /u/Jaco2point0

"Gestures at all of me"

holding hands Credit: Pixabay

3. /u/lagoonTNZ

"Im not. Im with my boi jesus"

baby jesus Credit: Pexels

4. /u/zerbs47

"It’s my parents fault for making such an ugly child. I got their facial features so don’t blame my singleness on me"

valentine's day Credit: Pexels

5. /u/freshredditor

"Lol I’m a piece of s**t"

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6. /u/TaiDavis

"My masturbating skills are too good."

couple Credit: Pexels

7. /u/BGgungame

"Valentine's Day is a Catholic celebration so most people in my country don't even give a crap about it. We instead celebrate St. Trifon's Day (also the 14.2) - patron saint of wine making and an excuse to get hammered."

drunk man Credit: Pixabay

8. /u/cayceealex

"cause b*****s ain’t s**t but hoes and tricks"

roses Credit: Pexels

9. /u/crllk

"Because i'm also single every other day"

love Credit: Pexels

There's no need to mope around on Valentine's if you're single and having a bad time with it - why not hang out with some of your other single friends? And if you're in a relationship, why not wait until the weekend to do something with your significant other and see some mates this evening? Have a Pal-entine's day instead.