Adorable father and son have another gibberish 'conversation' for Denny's commercial

Adorable father and son have another gibberish 'conversation' for Denny's commercial

A few weeks ago, stand-up comedian DJ Pryor and his young son Kingston stole everyone's hearts in an adorable viral video. While watching TV on the couch, the baby boy speaks gibberish, and the father responds as if they're having as if they're having a coherent discussion.

"Did you understand it though?" asks DJ, referring to the TV show. Kingston responds with a babble of balderdash that appears to be in the negative. "That's what I was wondering," the father agrees, "because I don't know what they are going to do next season because they did some stuff this time." You just have to watch it!

Here's the incredible exchange that went viral:

DJ's wife, Shanieke Pryor, uploaded the heartwarming video on Facebook, which received more than a million views. "Only this child!!," she wrote in the caption. "Having a full-fledged conversation with Daddy and Daddy is just as bad🤣🤣 #TheseTwoAreAMess #OurHouseisAlwaysFullofLaughter #MrPersonality."

After the charming Clarksville, Tennessee family conquered the internet, Denny's tapped them to star in a national commercial. Once again, the duo has an adorable gibberish conversation, but this time at a Denny's booth in front of of a plate of pancakes. Yeah, nothing can top the original video, but it's still pretty cute.

And here's another exchange in a Denny's commercial

In the commercial, DJ says, "I think it's perfect that we came here to have a booth chat just amongst father and son, right? What I brought you here is to find out what's going in your life. What's going in your life, huh?" Kingston replies with a signature babble of gibberish, an all-too familiar sound to many parents

"Thank you for bringing daddy here. I appreciate you," replies DJ, and embraces his son for a hug. Then a piano plays a sentimental tune and text appears on screen: "Booths were made for quality time with dad. Happy Father's Day." "Is that your grand finale?" DJ asks Kingston as the commercial ends. "Because you buttered me up."

On Instagram, DJ shared the ad, writing, "We Partnered With Our Favorite Spot @Dennysdiner to have a Little Booth Chat! Very Important For Father Son Bonding 💪🏾💪🏾 HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!! From Mine to Yours!! Go Get A Grand Slam from Denny’s! Love Y’all!!!"

Well, congratulations, DJ and Kingston! You went from a viral video to a national Denny's commercial. What's next, a reality TV show? You could call it Keeping Up With The Pryors or The Real Fathers And Sons Of Clarksville, Tennessee. Make it happen, Hollywood!