Alex Rodriguez shares brilliant video of him sitting between J-Lo and ex Marc Anthony

Alex Rodriguez shares brilliant video of him sitting between J-Lo and ex Marc Anthony

For all the scandal and gossip that comes out of Hollywood, we all tend to forget there are at least an equal amount of celebrities who have everything sorted.

Case in point: Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez and Marc Anthony. You'd think things may be a little awkward hanging out the three of them, given the fact J-Lo was married to Marc for a decade and is now engaged to Alex. But you'd be completely wrong!

The three proved that relationships with your ex don't have to be awkward or unpleasant by all hitting up a music recital for Jennifer and Marc's son Max yesterday.

But although the trio clearly gets along like a house on fire, there was one noticeable difference between them. Although Alex has many talents, it seems she isn't what you'd call a singer.

Alex was definitely looking like the odd one out in this video:

The professional baseball player uploaded a hilarious video to social media that showed the three parents sitting in a line as they listened to the kids belt out Whitney Houston's 1992 hit I Will Always Love You.

While J-Lo and her singer ex couldn't help but join in the fun and began miming the ballad along with the choir, Alex stayed quiet, simply grinning at the camera.

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez. Credit: Getty

Posting the footage to Instagram, the MLB player wrote: "Those who can, do. Those who can't, sit between two people that can and stay quiet! #imnotasinger".

The giggle-inducing footage was much appreciated by fans online who lauded the "beautiful" family.

"This video is perfect!!! I love the fact that you guys all get along, its [sic] so great for the kids to see that too," wrote @jess_a_jlover.

J-Lo isn't the only talented one in her family! Her daughter stunned the internet recently when she sang beautifully:

Instagrammer @brilliantbori added "Look at these guys coming together for the babies," while @ceeeeeeelo named Alex "the goat," writing: "HAHAHAHA!!! Take notes 📝 people 💯💯💯🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 whoop ehoooooop!!!! [sic] #the_goat 🔥".

Although they haven't all got the vocal cords to belt out Whitney Houston, I think we can all agree that family is fabulous!