Boy invites his entire kindergarten class to his adoption hearing

Boy invites his entire kindergarten class to his adoption hearing

Per the Adoption Network, roughly 135,000 children are adopted in the United States every single year. Although it is heartbreaking to find out so many children are in the adoption system, it is nothing but heartwarming each and every time one of these kids finds a new family to love them.

Now, one five-year-old boy wanted to share the biggest moment of his life with his friends earlier today (Thursday, December 5), when he invited his entire kindergarten class to his adoption hearing in at the Kent County courthouse in Michigan, WZZM13 has reported.

Check out Michael's amazing story below:

Michael Orlando Clark Jr was over the moon to be surrounded by his classmates as he was legally adopted by his forever family, as the class were pictured holding bright red hearts on wooden sticks to celebrate the love in the courtroom.

Grand Rapids-based reporter James Stark told Global News that there wasn't a dry eye in the room.

Even the Michigan Supreme Court took to Twitter to congratulate the family, writing: "So glad he got to share his special day! #AdoptionEqualsLove".

And the good news just keeps coming, as Clark was one of 36 other children who were also adopted in Kent County as a means of celebrating the 23rd annual Adoption Day.

And it's not just humans who need to find their forever homes. Check out this dog with a 'mustache' who was looking to be adopted:

Santa Clause also made an appearance at the event - organized by the Family Division of the Circuit Court in Kent County - and he made sure to provide a jolly greeting for each family and child.