Bride walked down the aisle with 27 bridesmaids after meeting on a weight-loss forum

Bride walked down the aisle with 27 bridesmaids after meeting on a weight-loss forum

Any new bride out there knows that one of the biggest parts of planning a wedding is choosing who's going to be lucky enough to be a bridesmaid. It's often a pretty competitive role as well, as people fight to have the privilege of being an important part of the overall ceremony - and then there's all the fuss over who will be maid of honour. Most people settle for a dozen bridesmaids at most.

But 35-year-old chemistry teacher Meg Moore has taken things one step further by picking 27 women, all of whom she met at an online weight-loss forum, to walk down the aisle with her. Megan, who lives in Edgewater, Maryland, first met the other ladies ten years ago on the Weight Watchers web forums, and since then the women have gotten on with each other so well that they've migrated to a Facebook page where they talk to one another every day.

Commenting on her unusual nuptials, Megan stated: "As a group, we’ve been there for each other through everything from break-ups to having babies. The forum where it started was called ‘special occasions’ and we would sign off our messages ‘XOSO’ so that became the name of our group. Every year, as many of us as possible try and meet up somewhere in America. So, last year on July 29, we met up in Maryland for my simple, back garden wedding to Bryan, who I’ve been with for four years, after meeting through a World of Warcraft game."

She added: "Some of us managed to stick to the programme and lose the weight and others didn’t, but the girls have helped me through everything life has thrown at me since we met. We now have a Facebook group and we speak almost every day. We love meeting up and I knew I wanted them to be part of my wedding, so I just said that whoever could make it, could be a bridesmaid if they wanted to. I found a dress online that was available in a selection of complementary colours and different necklines. I sent it to the girls and asked them to buy their own dresses."

"Everyone loved meeting my girls and hearing the story. We laughed and chatted into the night. I still chat to my girls every day and the group is such a big part of my life. We are having another meet up this year and sadly I can’t go this year but I know there will be any more in years to come."

Pretty amazing right? It's cool that Megan managed to have her perfect wedding with all her pals. Although, if I were Bryan, I think me and the rest of the groomsmen would be pretty intimidated by the sight of this all-female army of bridesmaids. It kinda reminds me of that Katherine Heigel movie 27 dresses.