Busch Beer will pay for your wedding, supply the beer, and have Busch guy officiate

Busch Beer will pay for your wedding, supply the beer, and have Busch guy officiate

The most important part of a wedding isn't the bride - it's the booze. That sweet, sweet alcohol plays a key role at the reception. It helps single guests drown their sorrows and get liquid courage for a one night stand. It motivates the best man to go off script during his speech and tell everyone what he really thinks of them. And it stifles the bride and groom's gnawing regrets that they're making a terrible mistake. Everyone wins!

If you've got a summer wedding approaching and you've acquired a taste for cheap American beer, good news! Busch is throwing a contest with some pretty sweet prizes.

Ah, Busch. Out of all the American beers, it is...certainly one of them. It's got that distinct taste that screams, "Okay, I guess we're doing this." Hey, you settled for your romantic partner. Why not settle for Busch?

Busch announced the contest on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, writing: "Do you take this BUSCH to be the official sponsor of your wedding? In honor of wedding season, we're giving you the chance to have Busch Guy as your officiator, as well as receive $25k and a full supply of BUSCH! Tell us why you deserve it, using #BuschWeddings and #Contest."

If those prizes outweigh the shame of declaring publicly that you drink Busch, then make sure you jump on this quick! The deadline is May 31. Couples must have their wedding scheduled between July 1 and Aug. 31, and can enter the contest on the Busch website, Pinterest page and evidently on Twitter. Out of all the the submissions, a panel of judges will select ten to undergo an interview and background check. The finalists will be interviewed between June 10-14, with a grand prize winner announced afterward.

Pretty cool prizes for those who qualify! But personally, I want my wedding to be officiated by the Bud Light Wazzup Guys.