Company create the perfect Valentine's Day gifts for your single friends

Company create the perfect Valentine's Day gifts for your single friends

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, which can mean only one thing: singletons everywhere will be preparing their microwave dinners and wondering why none of the 7 billion other people on the planet love them enough to have a relationship with them.

Of course, I'm just kidding - there's absolutely nothing wrong with being single come February 14. I've spent many Valentine's Days as a single man, and if I'm being totally honest, it saved me a fortune.

Besides, why shouldn't single people be able to celebrate Valentine's Day? Why are restaurants offering free bottles of wine and discounts on two meals for people in relationships? I've got plenty of single friends that can polish off a bottle of wine to themselves.

Well, one company that is refusing to let single people sit this year out is Bluecrate, who has released a line of 'Anti-Valentine's Day' products that make the perfect gift for any loved ones riding solo this February 14.

What better way to let your entire office no that you don't give two hoots about being single than with a heat-change mug that reads: "If you're single and you know it, die alone".

Credit: Bluecrate Credit: Bluecrate

The mugs can also read "SelfPartnered", "If you're single and you know it, use your hands", ''Single AF'', or you can personalize it with something amusing. (I could really have done with an "If you're single and you know it, cry yourself to sleep while watching Star Wars for the 56th time" mug at college.)

As the product description reads: "Then every time you start to feel a warm flush of emotion towards another person enter your soul, fill your chosen cup with something hot and dark, drink it down and give yourself a good talking to."

Credit: Bluecrate Credit: Bluecrate Credit: Bluecrate

Looking for something more for the home? Then how about an Anti-Valentine's Day cushion? Adorned with the same singleton slogans.

So, if you're a proud single individual and you want the world to know, or perhaps you just want to treat your single friends this Valentine's Day, check out Bluecrate.