Expert reveals the 5 mistakes everyone makes when buying a wedding gift, and how much you should really be spending

Expert reveals the 5 mistakes everyone makes when buying a wedding gift, and how much you should really be spending

Wedding gifts sure are tricky. What do you buy? How much do you spend on it? Do you stick to the registry? Do you branch out a little? What if you get the couple something they don't need? Even worse, what if you get them something they completely don't want? Along with the other politics that go on at weddings, the additional pressure of buying a present for the newlyweds adds a whole other layer of stress.

But, have no fear, as we're about to reveal the five biggest mistakes everyone makes when buying a wedding gift - and how exactly to side-step them and make yourself the best wedding guest ever. Believe me, the couple will be begging you to come back for their anniversary party.

1. Getting stuck on 'traditional' gift ideas

Speaking to INSIDER, Anne-Marie Jenkins, Managing Director of online wedding list company The Wedding Shop, insisted that, these days, wedding gifts aren't all about crockery and glassware. Nowadays, she claims, couples are all about charity contributions, subscriptions and technology. Oh, how things have changed!

2. Thinking you need to 'pay for your plate'

The idea that you have to spend the same amount of money as the lovebirds shell out for your dinner is outdated, and just not how it's done these days, says Jenkins. "That used to be the case," she said. "But no couple has ever said, 'It's going to cost £200 ($255) for each guest to be at the wedding.' "[Your gift] shouldn't be linked to how much the couple spends on you. The couple has invited you, so you shouldn't be obliged to spend more [because of that.]"

So, how much should you spend?

According to the managing director, average guests now spend £100 ($127) on a gift - but that doesn't mean you have to! "There will be guests who want to spend £200 or £20," she told INSIDER. "But nobody should feel uncomfortable about spending £20. That's absolutely fine as well."

4. Going off-list

Unless you're sure that the couple would enjoy receiving the present you have in mind, don't get it, says Jenkins. "The couple has taken the time to put it together, they've chosen those products..." she said. "If you go off-list there's always the risk that the couple won't actually want the [gift]."

5. Not putting enough thought in

Despite many experts insisting that you stick to the registry, Jung Lee, a celebrity event producer and wedding expert, told Town and Country Magazine claims that, at the end of the day, it really is the thought that counts.  "The truth is, a gift’s monetary value isn’t what makes it special for the newlyweds, but rather its sentimental value and thoughtfulness," she said "Choosing a gift off of the couple’s registry that is within your price range will ensure that you are giving the couple a personal gift that reflects their style and needs."

So folks, there you have it. One last piece of advice? Take note of the expert's guidance, but at the end of the day, don't stress yourself out too much. After all, you're getting a present, buying a new outfit, spending time travelling, renting a hotel room and most likely doing a hundred other things to be at this wedding. So, above all else, have fun!