Facebook will now tell your secret crush that you're into them

Facebook will now tell your secret crush that you're into them

It is a truth universally acknowledged that every person has someone in their Facebook Friends list they're thirsty for. If you agree with this, good on ya. If you don't, quit lying.

The good news for those out there who aren't living in denial is that Facebook's new feature gives you the chance to see if that guy or gal you've been secretly crushing on forever likes you back.

With the arrival of Facebook Dating, the social media giant will allow you to express interest in up to nine of your Facebook friends.

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After you go for it, your crush will get a notification that someone is hot for them - but will only be notified that it's you if they tell Facebook they like you too.

If you're not keen on the idea of being set up by Mark Zuckerberg, sorry to say, you can run, but you can't hide! Any of your Facebook friends can be added to your Secret Crush section, even if they haven't created a profile, because they will still get a notification saying that someone likes them.

Apparently, Facebook bosses believe this will entice more people to sign up to Facebook Dating to find out who is admiring them from afar. Because, everyone likes to be liked, ya know.

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It's perhaps no big surprise that the social media site are branching out into dating, given the success of apps like Tinder and Bumble. In fact, Facebook Dating appears to have a clear advantage, given that people often quietly lust after people in their real-life circle.

In a recent conference, Facebook employees seemed to suggest Facebook Dating would be more like dating app Hinge than Tinder, as it prompts those looking for love to create a more personal profile and answer questions about themselves.

The fresh feature - which is for people aged 18 or older - is also integrated with Facebook groups and events so users will be encouraged to meet potential partners both on and offline.

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It comes to the United States later this year and is also available is Colombia, Thailand, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam and Suriname.

So, are you ready to go old school and actually have met the person you're going on a date with before the date? It's a terrifying thought, for sure.