Father and son find unbelievable amount of cash in abandoned vending machine

Father and son find unbelievable amount of cash in abandoned vending machine

Most of us use vending machines on a semi-regular basis, but few, if any, of us have stopped to consider how much money they actually contain. Surely it's nothing more than a few rusty dimes and quarters, right? Well, it turns out they can hold a surprising amount of dough.

This is something which this father and son exploration team discovered when they cracked open an abandoned vending machine.

To discover the unbelievable amount of cash they found, check out the video below:

Now, before you think to yourself, "Well, I've seen a few that look pretty abandoned!" - don't even think about it.

Sharing their story with Caters News Agency, Rick Langos, 50, and his son, Darick, 20, had full permission to crack open the one below because Rick owns a demolition company in Port Barrington, Illinois. When a premise is signed over to him, it and everything it contains (including any humble vending machines), automatically become his property.

A hand opening an abandoned vending machine. Credit: Caters / Screenshot

In this instance, they thoroughly scoured the premises in search of valuables, and when they entered the greenhouse, they unknowingly hit the jackpot when they discovered this old soda machine.

"Dude! There is a cr*p tonne of money in there. Holy sh*it," Darick said, after cracking it open. "It's gotta be at least $100 right there. I can't believe they didn't empty this out. It keeps coming. We just hit the jackpot."

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Inside, there were numerous dollar bills, as well as coin slots jammed full with quarters and other coins.

A man counting dollar bills. Credit: Caters / Screenshot

After counting up the money, the father and son were rewarded for their efforts with a very tidy sum - which is crazy, considering it had just been abandoned and left to rot.

They also decided to try out some of the sodas left in the machine to see if they were still drinkable (admittedly, we wouldn't have done this), and it turns out that they were - even if they were now flat!