'Freckling' is the summer dating trend that everyone should be aware of

'Freckling' is the summer dating trend that everyone should be aware of

As the summer months roll around once again, it's time to kick back, relax, drink alcohol in sunny beer gardens and generally have a much better time than during the pallid, desolate and altogether rather depressing winter months.

If we're being honest, the summer is just a million times better than the winter; there's an abundance of Vitamin D, and it's possible to leave the house without first wrapping yourself in so many layers of clothing that you represent something close to the Michelin Man on steroids.

As we all know, the slings and arrows of young love abide by no particular rules; love is unpredictable and hard to achieve, and equally difficult to maintain once you have found it. While the winter months might seem like the perfect time to cosy up with a significant other and while away the cold nights in front of an open log fire, a newly coined dating trend known as 'freckling' would suggest something rather different.

During the summer months, you might actually find yourself a little more willing to get out there and go on a few dates. This is because it's actually occasionally pleasant to leave the house, and therefore dating seems an altogether more appealing prospect when the sun is shining.

However, there is a dating trend that is rearing its ugly head that you ought to be aware of, and it's known as 'freckling'.

In recent times, many niche and troubling dating trends have reared their ugly heads and been named and shamed, and while this might seem a rather futile exercise, at least it makes potential victims of such behavior aware of what can happen.

As you might have guessed, 'freckling' has nothing to do with one's physical appearance, rather it refers to a common piece of behaviour over the summer months.

Freckling is defined as casually getting involved with someone over the warm summer months and then subsequently drop them when the colder autumn and winter months roll around again.

What's more, when you're freckled by someone, the likelihood is that they won't simply disappear at the end of summer. Instead, they will go quiet over the winter months, only to reappear again when summer comes around the following year. The term 'freckling' was coined by AskMen.

As with all matters of the heart, being open and maintaining good lines of communication with someone you are dating is vital to establishing a happy, healthy relationship. If you're concerned or unhappy about the way things seem to be going in yours, be sure to speak up for yourself.