Girl realizes her dad has gone viral on Twitter for the most awkward thing ever

Girl realizes her dad has gone viral on Twitter for the most awkward thing ever

We look at memes all day on the Internet, because what else are you going to do? Work? I don't think so. Typically you scroll through Twitter, laugh at the images (like Woman Calling The Cops), and don't give them a second thought. But imagine if you looked at the latest meme, and it was someone you knew - like your father.

Dominique Robinson, a model, took a selfie of herself on the street in Manhattan, wearing a tight yellow dress. Normally Dominique's photos get attention because of her stunning good looks. However, this photo went viral because of someone in the background: An older guy, wearing a Jerry Garcia tie, who appeared to be staring at her chest.

Dominique shared the photo on Twitter, with the amused reaction, "Wowwwewww." (Well said.) The tweet got over 50,000 likes, as people found the older man's expression hilarious. He appeared to be thinking "Damn, ma."

As the photo spread around the Internet, it was eventually seen by Alex Leavey, the 23-year-old daughter of the older man. She wrote, "You ever check twitter and realize your f---ing father has turned into a meme?" (Hopefully for you, the answer is no!)

"I immediately knew it was my dad and was laughing at most of the replies to it," Alex told BuzzFeed News. "My dad has a really big personality so for people who know him it was so funny that of all people walking around in Manhattan of all places this picture was taken and he’s in it."

When asked how her father, Dennis Leavey, reacted to the photo, she said he couldn't remember when it was taken. Since he's blind in one eye, he may not even be looking at her, like so many people. "Looking at the picture, he says he was just looking down!" said Alex.

Alex's tweet got over half a million likes, and a hundred thousand retweets. In the replies, she explained to everyone that her father is blind in one eye, so he might not actually be checking Dominique out.

At his request, she posted a more flattering photo.

She also posted an update, revealing that her mom found out about all this. Surprisingly, she thought the photo of Dennis was "hilarious," but was "very mad " Alex used the f-word in a viral tweet.

To silence any skeptics, Alex posted this photo, proving he's her dad.

Congratulations, Alex. You were "raised by a meme."

Was Dennis really checking out Dominique? Or was he looking at something else? Is it funny when men are caught leering at women? Or is it offensive, because it shows much women are objectified?

Dominque responded to the frenzy of questions, saying, "I wish y’all would stop arguing over this photo and move on with your day! It’s harmless, who cares exactly where his eyes are? It’s a funny photo, laugh and move on."

You may now go back to browsing memes on the Internet. Hopefully you don't see your parents.