Girl shares cringeworthy viral text messages to show why you should never lie to impress your date

Girl shares cringeworthy viral text messages to show why you should never lie to impress your date

Dating is a complex and scary world, isn't it? The rise of dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble have made it nearly impossible to stand out from the crowd. One quick browse of the aforementioned apps will open your eyes to the sea of people who are "bubbly" and "love banter, travelling and having a good time."

Because of this vast ocean or mundane and boring Tinder bios, when you're in the process of dating, it becomes pretty easy to make up some little white lies about yourself. Maybe you've met more famous people than you actually have, or earn more than you actually do - whatever your untruth, you will get found out eventually.

However, while your lies are almost guaranteed to unravel at some point, there's no denying that it's a wholly embarrassing experience. No matter how small the lie; whether it's how much you actually paid for your lunch or the fact you can speak "Indian," getting found out is the most humiliating thing that anyone can endure.

So, in light of this, maybe think twice before you decide to lie to your potential spouse about even the smallest of things.

Take, for example, this guy. Twitter user @kms2night posted a text exchange between her and an anonymous man in which he tries to impress her with his extensive and deep knowledge of and passion for cars. However, there was one hiccup - he was talking complete BS.

In the text exchange, she asks the guys if he's into cars and he replies "yeah, I love them s**ts." Impressed by his response, she gets excited and says: "RLLY? my all time favourite car is the volvo vnr 640." She then asks him what his favourite car is and lo and behold, they have the exact same tastes in cars! What a match.

He compliments her taste, without realising that there is a serious hitch: he has no idea what he is talking about. When she asks him what he loves about the car, he says that "they damn fast."


That's right, the Volva VNR 640 is a semi-truck. And, looking at the size of it, I can't imagine that it's the quickest thing around.

By the looks of things, this exchange was enough to put the woman off men, with her tweeting: "I'm sick and TIRED of yall."

It would be safe to say that Twitter was left in stitches by the exchange.

Some people also questioned why the guy didn't simply search for the vehicle online.

However, it appears that he wasn't the only guy to be suckered into saying something dumb in order to impress their date.

C'mon guys, it's not that hard. With new technology, we literally carry Google around with us. Do a bit of research before you start talking trash.